Are you a seeker of the Divine?
Then Chamuel is guiding you.
Chamuel anchors the power of adoration bringing Heaven to Earth.


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Release old beliefs that you are not worthy of God's love. You are a precious, beautiful Child of Light.
Imagine living in a state of pure love and joy! What could your life be like if every breath filled you with delight?
Awaken to your calling to assist in the dawning of this Golden Age of Enlightenment for humanity.
Your soul contract is upgraded to allow you to expand into a new state of being. A state of joy, connection, and love!

Archangel Chamuel activates a facet of your second chakra that allows you to feel worthy of Love. The next activation of your high heart chakra opens the flow of adoration. 

With the two chakras joined, you can live each day guided by your heart, choosing love, cherishing your connections with people, Spirit, and Love! 

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney, bestselling author of Angel Blessings Cards, and founder of is your guide on this activation.